Petra und Klaus


It was a great, fun day with wonderful impressions of this little paradise. Michael let us share his love for his home. We learned a lot, saw a lot, talked a lot and laughed a lot. The time flew by. Sewbrew and Takamaka helped us get there in the evening. But we already promise one thing, we'll be back - who has a president as a chauffeur? Thanks again, we will recommend you 

LG Petra and Klaus

Katja R. & Thomas K.


We already contacted Michael via WhatsApp before our vacation and booked an excursion for 6 people with him. Michael was on time, speaks German very well and showed us his beautiful island on the tour, our wishes were fully met. We had a perfect, wonderful day with a barbecue right on the beach that we will never forget. We can fully recommend Michael and would book him again and again!

Manuela und Helmut


Michael and Berti are great guides. We learned a lot about the country and its people and had a lot of fun on both days! I can only recommend it to everyone !!! Thank you Michael for the great barbecue on the 2nd day !!!

Petra und Jürgen


We did a great, informative and fun tour with Michael. We were 14 people (AIDA) highly recommended.

Jutta und Heinz


With Michael we were allowed to spend a day in paradise. With a lot of humor, humor and love for his homeland, he gave us everything worth knowing and brought us to dream beaches and great places. Nature, never-ending replenishment of sebrew and rum made our group exhilarated, we will certainly not forget that day. We believe that we would never have experienced this on an excursion organized through AIDA. Dear Michael, Thank you for everything, it was just great with you. Stay as you are. We wish you all the luck on earth. We'll see each other again, who knows, maybe you'll be president by then. We would be happy to recommend you.

Gudrun & Yiannos


Dear Michael, you didn't promise too much! With great enthusiasm you brought us closer to your home - country & people, fantastic beaches, rum tasting and much more. - all in the best German and with your own humor, compliments. Booking was completely uncomplicated, you were always well informed via the Whatsapp group and even got great photos. Thank you very much and best regards to your likeable wife and our nice, reliable driver! We will be happy to recommend you.

Kerstin & Jörg


Dear Michael, thank you for an unforgettable day with you in the Seychelles. The tour was beautiful. We saw a lot, learned about the island and laughed a lot. You are a great tour guide! The booking was easy. Michael opened a Whatsapp group shortly before ... so we were well informed and got to know each other. We also found the payment on site great. Should we be back in the Seychelles ..... Michael, we will definitely book a tour with you again.



Dear Michael, your trip over Mahe was very informative and adventurous. We had a lot of fun and had to travel a few kilometers on the back of a small truck if the bus failed. It was so much fun. Your snacks and punch was delicious. In addition, you had the situation under control all the time and quickly arranged for a replacement bus. Greetings from the Lüneburg Heath 


Jacqueline und Roberto


Dear Michael Thank you for the great island tour that day. Michael had organized everything well and told us a lot of interesting things about the country and its people. We stopped at the rum distillery at 9 a.m. and did a rum tasting. He showed us wonderful beaches, at Takamaka beach we could swim for 2 hours and enjoy the peace. Michael looked for us. Thirst was a foreign word, there was always enough beer and rum. Dear Michael, keep it up, we can definitely recommend you. Greetings from Switzerland

Lothar und Uta


Back from our dream trip in the Indian Ocean with Aidablu, I want to report about our tour guide in the Seychelles. When looking for a German-speaking guide in the Seychelles, I came across Michael Thomas' website. Immediately I was enthusiastic about him according to the profile and the reviews. We booked an excursion and it was exactly as we expected. He simply brings his love of his home Seychelles to interested tour participant in his totally funny way. He has many insider tips for the island. On the second day in the Seychelles we asked for a beach trip. No problem for Michael. We drove to a great booth alone with him and spent a day in paradise with him. Thanks Michael (Jameson) :-) He brought his island so close to us in the 2 days that we will definitely visit him again for 2 weeks. Conclusion for Aida guests: for the price you never have so much fun and that in German on a trip from Aida. So Michael again thanks for everything from Lothar and Uta (see you guys.)

Gisela u. Jürgen


Despite the rainy weather, we liked the tour with Michael very much. Michael had organized everything well and told us a lot of interesting things about his country and people. It was a lot of fun during the tour. Michael has fulfilled our wishes, even in cloud-rains. A special experience for us was to observe a sea turtle laying her eggs. Dear Michael, we wish you all the best, as well as further personal and business success. We recommend you to continue and please do not forget: when you will become a "president" we do the next tour.

Heike & Chris 


Hi Michael. That was the perfect day. A trip could not have been better. We had a lot of fun and saw the most beautiful corners of the island. Your culinary service is second to none. Luckily we are rum-proofed, thanks to Jamaica "rum". If we visit the Seychelles again, we will definitely contact you again. Seydiscoverytours are a "must have". We keep our fingers crossed for the future. 

Warm greetings from Germany Heike & Chris

Beatrix, Mario + Doris, Hans


We had a chance to spend a great day with Michael. He drove us to many beautiful places and also told us a lot about his beautiful island. We had a lot of fun and It was really entertaining day with not only a lot of laughter, but also there was always enough beer and rum available. The end of the day was on Beau Vallon Beach with grills and sunset, just great! We will gladly recommend you. Thank you and good luck with your tours.

Maria, Moni, Marco und Gunter


Hi Michael,

Thank you for an outstanding island tour on this day. We have rarely laughed so much, but drunk in particular  and received so much information. We can absolutely recommend you, and should our paths lead us once again to the Seychelles. You will be the first who knows about it. See you soon and Daaaaaanke

Joachim und Karin


We had a great day with Michael. We have not laughed like this for a long time. He told us a great deal and showed us the most beautiful places and beaches on his island. It was just amazing and the day went by way too fast. If we come back to the Seychelles, we hope that you will have time for us. All the best for the future and hopefully your dream of the German beer garden on the Seychelles will be fulfilled.

Lo Porto Petra


It was a great trip with Michael. He showed us beautiful beaches, we visited the artist village and the rumdestillarie to which he told us much about Mahe. The tour was very funny we laughed a lot and had fun! Thanks Michael, we can highly recommend you!



We had a great trip with Michael. He has told us a lot about the island and its people and since he knows us Germans well, we had a lot to laugh 😂. He showed us fantastic beaches, we could taste Baden, rum, try beer, chips we did not know and much more. It was a great trip, very informative and very funny. Michael, keep it up 😄😄👍

Heike und Rolf


We enjoyed the day with SeyDiscoveryTours Seychelles. We felt very well, we were carefully guided to the beautiful island and even allowed to visit an Adventist church. God bless you in your work.

Angelique Eckert


We did a tour with Michael at the beginning of October. It was just great. He just told and showed us so much that you would not even notice on your own. We made a big mistake that we did not make the tour in 8 hours. For this Michael has picked us up a few days later for free again for 2.5 hours and made up the rest. That's what I call service. Michael, you're great, keep it up!

Christian Bogner


Nice trip everything top Organized, highly recommended! ! Michael explains everything very well and shows you the most beautiful places! ☆☆☆☆☆

Samantha Stockinger


I contacted Michael relatively spontaneously via WhatsApp and he still let us do an island tour on Mahe. We were picked up at the hotel and everything was organized. Michael has told us a lot and we have seen beautiful beaches. Michael even taught us how to open a coconut 😊 Thank you for this exciting day.

Susann & Thomas


Hi Michael, Thank you for this unforgettable day on your island! Keep your love for your homeland! It is beautiful! Thanks also for showing us your island as we would never have experienced it before. Keep your humor, because we will be back! Promised! 

Best regards

Theresa Reiß


We can only recommend the tour across Mahé with Mike. We saw a lot and learned a lot about the island. It was a great day! Thank you again! ☆☆☆☆☆

Birgitt Leßmann


Michael picked us up at the airport on the day we arrived. The taxi ride was totally relaxed and we booked with him directly a trip for a few days later. We hiked the Copolia Trail and Michael told us a lot about the island and the vegetation. After that we were at Mission Lodge and Beau Vallon. There was a lot to see. Michael is well organized and takes care of the physical well-being. He responds to individual wishes and you feel comfortable. At Beau Vallon there were food, beer and of course Takamaka. Michael is a happy, fun and attentive guide. Just to be recommended. ☆☆☆☆☆ Stars !!!

Thomas und Nicole


Experienced with Michael a wonderful 8 hour, very informative island tour to beautiful beaches and major attractions, the fun was not too short.

We can recommend everyone this tour necessarily book.

Thank you, Michael!

Harald Kosmata


Mr. President, Michael Thomas is for sale! Buy him! You have a nice day on Mahé. TM really knows everyone on the island. He shows you beaches and places you would never find alone. He will tell you the story of his island and you will enjoy the day. Laughing wrinkles and delicious Takamaka rum tasting are included. Highly recommended! TM for President! (We are watching you!)

Andrea Essler


We were allowed to explore the island the second time with Michael and have again seen beautiful places on Mahe. We always learn a lot about the country and its people but also the conclusion of the Takamaka was a pleasure again

We will be back Michael




We were also able to enjoy an island tour of the future President of the Seychelles. Michael is an absolutely relaxed, funny and kind hearted person who can perfectly entertain our family of 4 whether in German, English or French. He always has something interesting to tell and to show. Highly Recommended! 5 stars and if we were allowed to vote, he would have won our votes in any case schonmal!

Patrick Vetter, Jana Vetter, Robert Rönisch, Jana Rönisch


We spent our last day with Michael. We were in the Takamaka Rum distillery, in the south with the many beautiful beaches, at the lookout Mission Lodge and in the evening we were at the Beau Vallon beach market.

It was a great day. Michael has explained and shown us a lot with his kind nature.

You can tell that Michael loves his home !! We also have his home and him very close to the heart, because He is a kind hearted person. What should I say .... We will definitely be back!

We can only recommend Michael as a guide !!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

Bye for now. We'll meet Again!!


Gabriele Ressler


We got to know Michael on Mahe in June 2017. We booked a full day tour. Completely individually planned together with Michael. We circled the whole island incl. Waterfall, mission with panoramic view and all dream beaches. We also made a visit to the market and on Eden Island together. We had a lot of fun. Our last day of vacation we spent with Michael together at Beau Vallon with a delicious grilled fish from Gary and of course Seybrew and Takamaka. It was an unforgettable holiday. We look forward to seeing Michael in Paradise again in June 2018. We can only recommend Michael as tour guide and especially as a friend. LG Gaby and Johannes

Elke Will


Today we did an island tour with Michael and it was beautiful and perfect. We will remember the day for a very long time. ☆☆☆☆☆

Thanks a lot for this. We will come back.

Simone Kaessner


In December we stopped at Mahe and booked a tour with Michael. Such a thrilling relaxing day without hurry with a lot of joke and Takamaka wonderful beaches and a lesson how to get the coconuts and their milk will stay forever in our memory. He loves his island his job and he was an entertainer of the day. Simply unbeatable and unforgettable moments in paradise. ☆☆☆☆☆

Nancy La


It was an exciting day with a lot of fun and many beauties of nature. 

I recommend everyone to book a tour with Michael. ☆☆☆☆☆



Michael, nice that we got to know you. Thank you for this unforgettable day!

Holger Piotrowski


Can highly recommend these trips with Michael. He speaks a very good German and knows every corner of Iceland, where you can not get there otherwise. His knowledge of the islands and especially of nature is top-class. Had spent great hours with him and our holiday in Seychelles would have been half as nice if we had not met him. We wish him continued success for his business.

Gisela Ritschel


The tour with Michael was very informative. Have seen the most beautiful places on Mahe. Have everything worth knowing about culture, politics and history. With its uncomplicated nature, the trip was with a lot of fun. Thanks Michael! ☀️🌴

Lisa Domke


Thank you, Michael, for showing us your home with so much charm. The day was just perfect. We can recommend this experience immediately. Thanks also for the delicious food. ☆☆☆☆☆

Christopher Welter


Thank you Michael, you have contributed to make this holiday unforgettable! Will you like to recommend ☆☆☆☆☆

Nicole Ifunanya


Mike, thank you so much for the lovely time we shared. You're one of the best chefs I've ever met - I adore your dishes! Thank you also for all the wonderful tips and spots you showed me. Seychelles is definitely paradise on earth. I'll come back again one day, that's for sure  ☆☆☆☆☆



Dear Michael,

Thank you for organizing the beautiful weekend getaway. It's been so good to meet such a cheerful person and a talented guide! Thanks again for your time and efforts. It was really unforgettable! It would be amazing if we could make this an annual event. ☆☆☆☆☆

All the Best, Lana